Not far from Foamhenge, lies the second best event of our vacation, Professor Cline's Haunted Monster Museum And Dinosaur Kingdom.

Nestled back in the
kudzu near Natural Bridge, Virginia, lies this charming old house. Years ago, the hotel at Natural Bridge caught fire and residents had to have a place to stay. The owner of the hotel used this property for guests to stay in while the big hotel was being renovated.

Once the hotel was ready for guests again, this property fell into disrepair, went unused and was covered by the quick growing forest, much like a
Stephen King story. Professor M. Cline (yes, the same genius who created the seventh wonder of Virginia, Foamhenge) purchased the land and created this entertainment venue for and on behalf of all the people at Natural Bridge.

Or at least that's what the tour guide told me before we went through the very scary, "Ooops I crapped my pants" tour. OK - I might be embellishing above on the history of the house, but the tour guide actually said this part when we asked him how scary it could get for the kids.
There was a "no scare" tour that The KingofHearts took the girls on and The KnaveofHearts and I took the scary, scary tour. Near as I could tell, there was little difference between the two, but the house was cool.

I absolutely loved this sculpture outside the house, and it chaps my hide that I didn't realize you couldn't read the sign in the photograph while I was there:

It says, "Hale-Bopp Comet Fell to Earth on this Spot in 1997"

That part was pretty uneventful apart from the "Chicken Door" that you could exit half way through the tour if it got too scary... woooooo oooooooo... for you. (There was a giant sculpture of a chicken waiting to mock you outside the door.) But after you go through the haunted house, there's the Dinosaur Kingdom awaiting. What I love about the Dino Kingdom is how you just know you're in the South as you walk through. Here's the set-up that you read before you enter:

It's 1863. While excavating fossils in Lost Caverns, a friendly family of paleontologists have discovered a hidden valley filled with living dinosaurs! As the Garrison Family studies these creatures in peace, the Union Army has discovered their secret and is attempting to rustle up the dinos to use as weapons of mass destruction against the South. Which will devour them first, their greed or the dinosaurs?
I knew some people were still fighting the Civil War, I just never imagined it would be with prehistoric edu-tainment venues made from fiberglass.

Here, we walked by a nest of newly hatched baby t. rex.

When we saw this, we all said, "Ummm.... what's a gorilla in a purple cowboy hat doing in Dinosaur Kingdom?"

Then we came around the bend to see the full scene and said, "Ah. The gorilla has stolen the cave man's pants. Now it makes perfect sense."

Here's when the dinosaurs start to turn on the Union Soldiers. I'm sure they deserved it -- after all, they burned Atlanta.

The Dormouse decides to tame one of her own for use against those who would tell her to go to bed on time.

The Dormouse and The Caterpillar make suggestions for more fuel efficient vehicles in this economic downturn.

My biggest lament is that the batteries in my camera ran out before I got to the end to take pictures of where the Blue Coats get theirs. I encourage you to go
here and here to get the full effect. OK, sure it was no Foamhenge, but totally worth the price of admission.