We were out at the mall a couple of weeks ago and as I was walking through a discount clothing store, these little dresses caught my eye. I originally saw the Dormouse sized one and walked over to see how much it cost to have a cute little 4th of July dress for the summer. $9.00 - score! So I picked it up and right behind it was a Caterpillar sized similar dress - also $9.00. I grabbed that too and started toward the checkout. While walking up there we realized that the larger of the dresses came with a doll-sized dress attached to it, which pleased The Dormouse to no end.

The next day we had a graduation party to attend and since it was an outdoor barbecue, I had promised The Dormouse the night before that she could wear her new dress and bring her doll, wearing the dress as well. And, what the hell, we put The Caterpillar in hers too. So we all strolled into the barbecue and one of the other women I know from church who has similar aged kids, commented on them. I kind of shrugged it off a bit because I'm not all that into matching outfits for siblings, twins, or Sadie Hawkins dances. I just bought them because they were cheap.

"Oh they're very cute," she said.

"Thanks," said I. *heaping another spoonful of ketchup on my hotdog*

"My girls beg me for those American Girl matching doll things all the time but I never give in to that ridiculousness."

"Um... Huh?" stammers I.

"Oh you know, they're just so expensive and unnecessary."

Me sheepishly: "American Girl? I don't really know what that is, I just bought these at TJ Maxx for nine bucks. Hey, when are those hot dogs going to be ready? I think I'll get another one." *makes quick exit to get out of uncomfortable conversation*

This is why I don't do playgroups, people.

I was talking to my neighbor later and apparently, American Girl is a big phenomenon and you can purchase not only a doll that looks just like your kid, but also matching clothing. Her grandkids are big into it. Who knew? I've only heard of it in passing and never knew the extent of the paraphernalia to buy until she showed me a catalog her granddaughter left the last time she was visiting.

But my question here is this: Was this woman trying to insult my choice of indulgences for my daughter or was she just tactless and should I decide not to be offended?

Now if they only had one in a size 16.

Maybe it's better this way.

Because I would totally buy one for me AND The KingofHearts and we would all wear them to church next week and sit in front of her.

By the way, The Dormouse was very offended that her dress did not come with the blue bow on the left shoulder. She feels she's being discriminated against for being too big. So now I've gotta go fabric store hunting to find some material and make her one. So maybe there was something to the "ridiculousness".