The newest jump forward in the vocalization department is this.... sound.

From what we can tell it appears to mean, "I would very much like some more, kind parents who give me everything I need or could ever want."

Sometimes it can also mean, "Please, dear mother, do not take that toy away from me for I so looked forward to playing with it."

Occasionally it means, "Give me back that hairball the cat threw up on the floor; I was saving that for desert because it does look so sweet and tasty."

I had a hard time getting it on tape (tape??? ...just what are you supposed to say now that there's no tape - "on digital?") er... on camera though, partially because it's hard to predict just when she'll want to communicate one of the above sentiments (and because I can't bear to watch her eat another hairball), but mostly because every time I turned on the camera this weekend, The Dormouse started jumping around behind me and trying to get in the video. The Caterpillar became completely distracted by her antics and started to cry. Someone just can't stand not being the cutest one in the room anymore. Get used to it kid, it's all downhill from here.

Anyway, if you feel like sitting through the monotony of these two clips you can hear what we affectionately call "The Linda Blair Voice."

Actually, I prefer this to the high pitched shrieks - usually that emanate three inches from your eardrum - we've been assaulted with as of late. I'm kinda hoping Pazuzu sticks around for awhile.