Shortly after The KingofHearts and I were married, we moved onto a military base in a neighborhood that my friend Mark once described as "A cross between Leave it to Beaver and The Twilight Zone." Our next door neighbors were newlyweds too and invited us to a barbecue they were throwing one night.

I was talking to the woman in the house and then went outside where the menfolk had formed a circle around the fire just in time to hear The KoH explaining that he was married to someone else before we met and how "everyone needs a practice marriage."

I announced, "Yep... I'm still on my practice marriage." and went back in the house.

I'm still looking for a Sugar Daddy so I can end this practice marriage and get on with the real thing. When I find him, we will be doing this at our wedding. (I know it seems boring for the first few seconds; it gets better.)