I've been trying very hard to dig myself out from this all baby talk, all the time rut I've been treading in lately. I know that the smartest thing to do when you find yourself in a hole is stop digging. But I've had a bit of writers' block lately, and I'm afraid that the closest thing to a coherent thought is "um... errrrr.... hey, stop pulling my hair, dammit!"

I'm pretty sure when the Caterpillar learns to speak, she'll go to her first play date and introduce herself by saying, "Hello, my name is No, No, No!"

Yesterday on a conference call I was blathering on about... eh, who cares... and somewhere in my speech I announced that 1% of 1000 was 100. It certainly ruined my point that if you only brought in 1% of the people to pay $200 each it'd bring in $20,000. Someone pointed out my error and I very eloquently said, "Oh... yeah... right... you'd need 10% for that... um, yeah, ok... nevermind." $2000 seems is a much less impressive figure than $20,000, especially when you're talking to a Board of Directors. I clearly need more sleep or less work. I'm not sure which but I'm thinking both are equally unlikely.

So instead, I will cop out with more baby talk and more photos.