To keep The Dormouse busy and out of the KingofHearts' electrical project the other day, I stapled some blank pieces of paper together and told her she could write a story. If she told me the story, I'd write all the words down for her and then she could paint the pictures using a watercolor set she'd been itching to crack open. This is the resulting story. And no, I do not know where she came up with the name 'Lippard'. Some things I just don't question anymore.

Lippard Finds a Jungle
by The Dormouse
Once upon a time, there was a man named Lippard.
He was a very young man.
He was looking for so much frogs, but he couldn't find any.
So he climbed up the trees...
He couldn't find any avocados and no fruit. So he went home.
When he went home...
he found...

a banana and grapes. And another snack. It was....
Gummi Bears!
And then he found one more thing. It was a frog.

And then he turned into a frog!
Then he went back home and he ate all the snacks.
The End
What looks like it's morphing into Van Gogh's depressive period is really just the evidence of her having used up the red, orange and yellow paints, but I'm not about to attempt to explain the... ahem... third leg, our hero seems to grow somewhere in the midst of the story. Put another dollar in the therapy jar.