How many doctors I've seen to discuss my blood pressure in the past week: 2

How many times my blood pressure has been taken in the past week: 8

Highest my blood pressure has registered when taken in the past week: 189

How many times my blood pressure registered high when it was taken: 7

How many times the wrong cuff was apparently used on me: 7

How many doctors took my blood pressure themselves: 1

How many doctors could figure out how to work the sphygmomanometer: 0

How many doctors had to take instruction from me on how the
sphygmomanometer works: 1

How high my blood pressure registered when taken by a physician who now knew how to use the
sphygmomanometer and had the correct cuff: 130

How many doctors have agreed that my high blood pressure is even a problem: 0

How many days I've been assigned bedrest: 0 (for now anyway)

Woo hoo!