Despondent that her brother was fixing to go back home this week, The Dormouse was moping in the car on the way to church last Sunday. I decided to try and get her mind off it by singing one of the songs she learned in preschool this month. It's one of those circle games. One kid gets to wear a hat to start and it goes something like this (to the tune of The Mexican Hat Dance):

Johnny's wearing a hat,
Now what do you think of that?

He takes off the hat
Gives it to.... Sally.

The child with the hat gets to choose the new person, puts the hat on his/her head and the song begins again with the new kid's name. *Repeat over and over until each and every child in the room has lost interest completely.*
She loves the song and has been singing it for days. Needless to say, we're all kind of sick of it.

So, thinking that maybe it would stave off some of the whining coming from the back seat, I started singing the song with her name in it.

"Stop it momma," says the surly Dormouse.

"Stop what?"

"Stop being happy."

I tried to stifle a laugh, knowing that wouldn't really help matters any and she continued, "Guess what, momma, no one's wearing a hat. Don't think of that. Leave the hat on and give it to no one. So there.