...cause the zombies took them all.

These videos are both a) old and b) a pure, unabashed attempt to win a contest that these folks are hosting. Here's my rationalization for posting them: The first one is one of my favorite things from The Dormouse's life before I started this blog. So I'm using this lame rationalization to post it anyway because few of my family and friends really got to see it way back when I was a Blogger/YouTube virgin and only knew how to email videos to people who had an account that would accept attachments this large. (I've said on more than one occasion that one of the reasons I started this weblog was because I failed miserably at sharing stuff about her first two years due to my hermit-like behavior and inability to enjoy talking on The Phone - this is a perfect example of such.) The second one should be familiar, if you've been somewhat long time reader, but seems to go along with the theme and therefore gives me an excuse to post the first one, despite it being quite outdated.

And so, may I present the Evolution of Dance as Performed by The Dormouse.

This is Zombie Jamboree, by one of our favorite groups, Rockapella. She was just under twelve months old here and she's signing "more" at the very beginning of the clip. You can't hear it but she's also saying "Zicka?", which is how she used to say "music" back before she could talk 24/7 and never repeat the same word twice (ah, those were the days).

Compare and contrast to this, less than two years later.

(Artist unknown, but a reasonable facsimile can be found in pretty much any Bollywood movie.) If I were a dance/movement therapist, there are a lot of things I could say about her grounding, expression, etc. But I'm not. I'm her mother. And the only thing that comes to my mind as commentary when I look at these clips is, "GOOD LORD HOW DID SHE GROW UP SO MUCH SINCE IT'S CLEAR THAT I HAVE NOT AGED A DAY SINCE THAT FIRST VIDEO WAS TAKEN" and "I DID NOT GIVE PERMISSION FOR THAT TO HAPPEN."