First a little background: One of the KingofHearts' favorite commercials (yes, he has favorite commercials... and repeats his favorite lines from his favorite commercials ad nauseum - you may all pity me now) is this:

Remember that? I couldn't even remember it was a Snicker's commercial until I just found it on YouTube.

And his favorite line from the above commercial is: "You know what pandas have for lunch? Baaam
BOO." (said with the extra long first syllable and extra emphasis on the last syllable of bamboo).

If I had a dollar for every time that line of the commercial was repeated in my house over the past couple of years, I would be a rich woman, indeed. Ah, to be married to a person with a primarily auditory memory... but that's an entirely different post.

So yesterday, this was the exchange between the KoH and The Dormouse as we were trying to figure out what to have for lunch:

KingofHearts: "Wanna have a little panda lunch? You know what pandas have for lunch, don't you? BaaamBOO."

Dormouse: "Know what pandas use to wash their hair? ShaaamPOO."