Since we never got to it before Christmas we decided to assemble the many gingerbread house kits we received throughout the month the day AFTER Christmas. Welcome to the Wonderland Gingerbread Village Wherein a Comically Large Train Comes Through to Deliver Figgy Pudding No One Would Eat. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Each of the houses was built by a member of our family. I've decided to make this a competition and since there are no impartial parties inside the house, I'm turning to you, Interweb. There will be absolutely nothing in it for the winner except bragging rights and the ability to trash talk for the next thirty or forty years... "Remember that time when you BUILT A GINGERBREAD HOUSE THAT SUCKED??!?"

It is a prize coveted by many.

Please vote your conscience after carefully considering the options.

The Caterpillar's A-Frame Cabin with bonus: A Shrubery

My Figgy Pudding Train with The Dormouse's Train Conductor Sitting Atop the Engine for a Reason None Among Us Can Explain

The KingofHearts' Church of The Stuff on My Lawn

The Dormouse's Cozy Swiss Chalet

The KnaveofHearts' Modest Single Family Home
with Angel Sitting Dejectedly on the Stoop

It's your civic duty.

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