Last year, I let you in on our Christmas card tradition of putting everyone else's cards to shame. Of course I've offended a few people with my cards, but each year I get at least one letter early in the season that says something to the effect of, "I want to let you know that we've moved and give you my new address because your Christmas cards are always the best of the season and I don't want to miss out."

That's right baby.

So here you go, blogland. Christmas 2010:

Special bonus photo not available to snail-mailers:*

And just case you are one of those who will be offended by this card because we are using our children for our own amusement, let me let you in on the fact that turnabout is fair play in our house.

Hope your holidays are quieter than mine will be because that tape doesn't last for long.

*See how I love you, internets?