This is already posted elsewhere, but I'm going to go ahead and cross-post here, mainly because someday when my grown children ask why Momma didn't keep a journal, scrapbook or a baby book and they complain about how I never documented any of their lives, I can point to this blog and say, "See? Your mother wasn't as lazy as you thought. IN YOUR FACE, Children! High five, Daddy!" *spikes the computer and Charlestons out the room and into the hallway*

We'll have that talk about my tendency to trash talk in inappropriate situations another day.

The Dormouse has been asked to sing this song in church the day after Christmas and when I mentioned that fact to my mother, she asked for a recording. So we set up the camera in front of the most cliché of all places we could find, the Christmas tree, (I know! But it was the only spot in the house that wasn't littered with toys and dirty clothing.) and asked her to sing this song for Grandma.

This was the first take we did. I had her do a couple more because I felt my piano was too loud in this one, but we ended up just using this because those follow-up takes include:
  • her wiping her nose on the back of her hand throughout a good quarter the song
  • The KingofHearts heard loudly cracking his knuckles from behind the camera and me trying to shush him while continuing to play, which made her forget the words
  • her managing to twist her arms through the neck of her shirt and then back out the opposite armholes
  • her snapping loudly and the sound of her stomping her feet (on the carpet!) during all the rests
  • and one were we get all the way to the end of the song with no problems and while the last note is still ringing in the air, she announces loudly, "FINALLY! I can go throw away this pine needle I've been holding through the WHOLE SONG."

I felt it was my duty to share this information with you... just in case you might be led to believe that she's this cute all the time.