The surgeon told him to take it easy for a week. What she didn't happen to mention was that the medication would make him a bit loopy and sadly, the Shortlings have no shortage of encouragement when it comes to him acting silly. When you don't leave the house for a week straight and can't really read, your options for entertainment are either lots and lots of TV or this:

Notice at the end where he says, "Put it in the oven for a baby and me." That's an affectation that The Dormouse invented when she was two or three. For whatever reason, she couldn't say this rhyme the way I learned it, "...for Baby and me." Instead, she always said, "...for a baby and me." At one point I tried to tell her that it's supposed said without the 'a' because Baby was the name of the baby but she was all, "Why would anyone name someone Baby?" and refused to say it. Now there's not a person in our house who says it the correct way.