The Dormouse brought home a certificate tonight for getting all As on her most recent report card. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure I don't remember getting letter grades on my report card until middle school. I know for a fact they didn't give them in second grade.

At any rate, she was quite excited and told the tale of how she was given the award at an assembly and she got to go up to get it in front. of. the. whole. school. I can't figure out what she enjoyed more, getting the thing, or getting to pick it up while all eyes were on her. It's Mama's Little Attention Whore's dream. And now, she wishes they'd give report cards every other day, so she could get a certificate several times a week. Oh honey, but you'll change that tune soon enough.

We were appropriately complimentary and oohed and ahhed at her lovely certificate, which she insists is printed with "real gold." (The kids who got bs just got "money colored" certificates.)

"Very cool, hun. We're proud of you."

"Me too. It was the proudest moment of my ENTIRE LIFE."