KoH: "What did you say?"

Caterpillar: "...." *bursts into tears*

KoH: "THAT is not a word that you should say."

Caterpillar: *sobs*

KoH: "You do NOT say that word."

Caterpillar: *sobs louder*

Me: "Come here, honey. Give me a hug. It's okay. You don't have to cry. That's just not a very nice word. So you need to remember not to say it."

Caterpillar: *still sobbing* "OK, Momma."

Me: "I'm not mad at you. Daddy's not mad either. You just need to remember that we don't say words like that. And if you hear Momma and Daddy say that word, you can always remind us that we're not supposed to say it either."

Caterpillar: *through sobs* "O..." *breath* "K..."

Me: "Now, do you think you need to apologize for saying that word?"

Caterpillar: *nods*

Me: "OK, go ahead and apologize."

Caterpillar: *through even more sobs* "I'M SORRY FOR SAYING THAT DAMMIT WOOOOORD!"

She's going to be so much easier to discipline than her sister, but I question whether it'll be as effective.