Several years ago, I can't remember where, I bought this for The Dormouse. I've always been able to do exactly the same thing with a rubber band and a straw wrapper, but whatever, this was cute, PINK, and I thought she'd like it - especially when she got older.

Here's a little tip for all you first time parents even considering the possibility that you might, someday in the future, think about the possibility of maybe perhaps having more children: BUY TWO OF EVERYTHING. I don't care if you're not going to have the second one now, just do it. If you might consider having more than two kids, BUY THAT NUMBER. Because I guaran-damn-tee you that you will buy some random little thing that you won't think twice about after the first child is born but then four years later when that random little thing is still lying around but now you have two children, they will find a way to fight about it. It doesn't matter if one of them wouldn't be able to use the random little thing in the first place. They will fight. And it will be loud and annoying. And then, just to preserve your sanity, you leave the comfort of your kitchen and your dinner to go on the interweb to find an exact copy of that random little thing (NOT an inexact copy of that random little thing, mind you, that will not be good enough) and you will probably have to pay for overnight shipping to get it there sooner and then you will end up paying more in shipping than that random little thing is worth in the first place.

And by the time your credit card has been charged, you will go back to the table and find that child number two will have figured out how to use the chopsticks by herself anyway.

A real-time demonstration: