Today in Camp Sweatshop: We learned about gravity.

I gave them both a lecture on gravity, what it is, what it does for us and why we need it. We also talked about the first person to theorize about gravity and how it works.

Here, I'll let The Dormouse explain it to you:

"Gravity is a gas that keeps you from floating off the Earth. It was discovered by a man named Lewis Norton. You can't see gravity but you can taste it. The moon doesn't have any gravity. That's why there are no plants or trees."

Heavy sigh.

It's a darn good thing I'm only responsible for their education during the Summer, isn't it?

Seriously, I gave them a short, age appropriate lesson on the basic (and scientifically correct, I might add) story about Isaac Newton and then not five minutes later when I ask her to repeat it to me THAT'S what I get? I might as well have had her read about it on the internet. No wonder teachers think their job is so hard.

Anyway, we then enjoyed testing the limits of gravity and the tensile strength of latex.

Until these awful boys came and used up all our balloons.

Why yes, I did check to see if the water restrictions had been lifted before embarking on this activity. Why would you think otherwise?