June and July are firefly months and The Dormouse's new favorite past time is to take her bath, get dressed for bed, and then beg me to let them go outside to catch fireflies. Sometimes I let them do this, and sometimes I don't feel like cleaning dirt out of their beds after they've tracked it in on their footed pajamas. One night when the fireflies were particularly plentiful, I sent them to bed and took my camera and tripod outside to try and capture some pictures of fireflies myself. I clicked the shutter almost three hundred times. Did you read that right? THREE HUNDRED TIMES, and every single shot pretty much looked exactly like this:

Kind of like that old painting, Desert Scene with Apaches. (That's not the picture; Google has failed me and I can't find it. But you get the idea.) There are perhaps fifty fireflies in this photo, but you can't see any of them because they didn't feel it necessary to light up at the moment I clicked the shutter.

There was only one exception:

Perhaps I'll stick to daytime photography.