The act of discriminating against those who don't share your native toungue. Most often used by ignorant, unintelligent people who have difficultly expressing themselves without using the words "uh" and "you know?".

"I'm not racist for hating people who don't speak English, I'm a languagist"

Me: "What did you do in school today, Caterpillar?"

Caterpillar: "Sudo woodo!"

Me: "Huh?"

Caterpillar: "Sudo woodo!"

Me: "What did you say?"

Caterpillar: "Sudo woodo!"

Me: "What's that?"

Caterpillar: "A sudo woodo!"

Me: *to KoH* "What's she saying?"

KoH: "I don't know. What did you do in school today, honey?"

Caterpillar: "Sudo woodo!"

KoH: "Huh?"

Caterpillar: "Sudo woodo!"

Me: "I think we might have gone through this part already."

KoH: "Shhh. What's a sudo woodo, honey?"

Caterpillar: "It's a sudo woodo!"

KoH: "....."

The Dormouse: *heavy sigh* "She SAID... she found a sudo woodo."

Me: "Thanks, that clears everything right up."

*We finally did figure it out, if anyone's interested.
It's one of these, of course. How could I not have known?