Mimosa tress grow here like weeds. I think they're really beautiful and I wouldn't be so at odds with them if they'd actually grow somewhere convenient. What generally happens is a seed drops right under our fence and then the tree tries to grow up through the fence itself. Normally when this happens with a tree species, you say, "No! Bad tree! No growing up through the fence," and you cut all the branches and leaves off to the ground. Most plants can't survive without their leaves and that's the end of it. But Mimosas have some form of angry mutation where when you trim them back to the ground, it just makes them that much more determined to grow In. That. Exact. Place. and the roots dig in and a trunk emerges and triples in size over a weekend before even one leaf grows back. We fought one on the east side of our house for years, cutting off all the branches (we couldn't dig the root system up without taking a piece of fence out first) over and over and watching the stump spread to about twelve inches across. We finally got rid of it by drilling a hole into the stump and inserting stump killer in it, which I think will be the fate of it's brother who's doing the same thing on the west side of the house. And so continues the war of northern aggression between me and nature.