Several years ago, I purchased these spiders made from jingle bells at a random Christmas craft shop and then forgot to put them away after Christmas. They kicked around the house and got moved from the top of one bookcase to another until the next year when Halloween came and I used them to decorate the house for a Halloween party. Since there was no tree to hang them from, I attached them to the pulls for the ceiling fans, Three spiders - three fans. Turned out they were the perfect size and shape and made grabbing at the fan pulls in the dark about a hundred times easier. So it's there they've stayed despite - or maybe because of - the raised eyebrow they always garner when someone new comes into my house and notices them.

And can I just point out that these spiders are about two inches long and would you look at that picture? I recently bought a new camera that I probably spent way too much money on, but this is exactly why. Check the depth of field. I've set the aperture so wide that there's only about a quarter inch section of this two inch long spider that's in focus. I can't even count the number of times I'd tried to do that with my old camera and never come close. So worth it.