Just a SOOC shot that's been hanging around on my hard drive. I'm trying to file them all so I can get started dealing with the pictures I took with my new lover camera.

I used to be ethically opposed to Photoshop and post processing, assuming that it was basically cheating for photographers. Then... well... I learned how to use Photoshop. And I started post-processing to some small degree, almost every single photograph I took. This spring for the very first time, I submitted photographs that were altered in Photoshop to a show. Now I'm not so sure how ethically opposed to it I am anymore. It's easy to be opposed to something when you couldn't or wouldn't do it anyway and you don't have to change your life at all keep that belief. And this applies to more than just Photoshop.

This one is post-processed in Photoshop.

Which do you like better?