I'm not very good at plant names. I recently submitted some photos to an exhibit where I had to "provide the botanical names" for all the photos I took. The list I sent them looked something like this:
  • weed
  • helicopter seed from tree (maple?)
  • Eastern Tent Caterpillar on some type of moss
  • pine-ish tree
  • cool flower I do not know the name of

I like to think I gave the judges a good laugh, but I'm guessing they just shook their heads. The thing is, Google all you want, but you can only narrow down the one hundred and seventy-eight thousand hits by so much when all you've got to go on is "flower, white petals, yellow center."

Similarly, this might be some sort of iris, but it flowers in clumps and I've never seen an iris like that so I'm just gonna go with "Purple Flower."