KingofHearts: "Ask The Caterpillar what she learned in preschool today."

Me: "What did you learn about today in preschool?"

Caterpillar: "Momma, I learn Chinese!"

Me: "You learned Chinese in preschool?"

Caterpillar: "Yes."

KoH: "Ask her what words she learned."

Me: "What did you learn to say?"

Caterpillar: "I learn to say 'please' and 'ABCDEFG.'"

Me: "Really? How do you say 'please' in Chinese?"

Caterpillar: "Pleeeeeeeeeeeze!"

Me: "I don't suppose there's any point in asking her how to say 'ABCDEFG' in Chinese, is there?"

KoH: "Nope. It's about what you'd expect."

Caterpillar: "ABCDHFG, JKLMNOP, XYZ..."

Me: "Hmm. The Chinese are missing a couple of letters to their alphabet too."

KoH: "Yep."