One of the first pictures I took with my new camera.

We're still going through that introductory getting-to-know-you-after-the-first-date phase, my new camera and I. You know what I'm talking about, right? When you meet a camera and you think, eh, that's a nice enough looking camera. And then that camera takes you to dinner and suddenly THIS IS THE BEST CAMERA ON THE PLANET, I CANNOT WAIT TO MARRY THIS CAMERA AND PLAN MY RETIREMENT WITH IT. But then after you've spent a few weeks with the camera, you start to see some cracks in the camera's armor. Maybe you and the auto focus can't really seem to come to agreement as to who's in charge. Or maybe the flash is kind of a cad and shows up only when you least expect it, usurping all the attention in your photograph. Then you start to wonder: Is this camera really all that? Maybe that friend of mine who set us up was wrong. What if this camera turns out to have a ton of baggage and can't get past it's own mommy issues? Or worse yet, what if this camera turns out to be a serial killer and keeps me tied up in the basement? Maybe I'm not all that ready to commit to a camera yet. Maybe I need to know more about this camera's origins first. Who said this was a great camera anyway? ...and ...whoa...wait a minute ...I don't think I'm talking about the camera anymore.

But this camera stays turned on for more than fifteen minutes at a time... so already it's a vast improvement over my previous one.