In case you haven't noticed 'round these here parts, music is a big part of what I do and who I am, both professionally and personally. I am one of those hippie types who believes that creating and responding to music is a basic human behavior. Though I've looked for it a hundred times and never been able to find who said it, I once read a quote pointing out that from an anthropological standpoint, while there have been many cultures discovered that didn't have a form of written language, there has never been a culture discovered, living or dead, that didn't have a form of music and dance.

(Seriously, if you know that quote, please respond in the comments with the citation because I have been pulling my hair out for YEARS trying to find it. Also if anyone knows the quote by Plato or Socrates or someone back in olden times who said that the music of today was ruining our generation's youth, I'd love to have that too. That would have come in handy about a kajillion times over the past few decades.)

If you ever doubt music as a basic human response just watch your kids sometime. Case in point:

That's The Dormouse at fifteen months. I love this video clip so much, I'm going to have my will contain the clause that it shall be buried with me.

Here's The Caterpillar on her second birthday:

I love this part of being a parent so much - watching them discover and respond to things that make them dance or laugh. It almost makes up for the three pairs of urine-soaked underwear I had to change yesterday. Almost.

I also love finding local venues that give kids a chance to express and experience music of all types. I don't know, maybe there are lots of places like this in other cities, but I have to say that in the Washington area, access to that kind of stuff is one of my very favorite things.

This is all leading up to... wait for it... my very first giveaway on this blog! *blog... og... og...*

The nice people at MusiKids contacted me and asked if I'd like to promote their Moms' Night Out event on May 6th in exchange for two free passes to the event. While I love the idea of using this webspace for personal gain, sadly, I have a rehearsal that evening. Which makes it your lucky day.

Yeah, yeah, I know Official Delurker Day was way back in January, but... you know... I forgot... and stuff. Also: this is Underland, where things don't work exactly as they are supposed to.

So this makes it also: my very first shameless bid for comments! *omments... omments... omments...*

Comment on this post and tell me your favorite kind of music to play for your kids. Or comment and tell me your favorite music to play for other peoples' kids that drives those other people crazy. Or just comment and tell me U2 sucks. It's your opinion; I don't care. Comment as many times as you want. Just do it before Tuesday, May 4th at 12:00 pm (that's high noon). I'll randomly select one commenter by asking my cat to think of a number between one and one-hundred (I hope there isn't a flaw in that logic) and the winner will receive two free passes to the May 6th MusicKids event. Oh, and you need to provide me with an email address so I can contact you. But as long as you have profile with a email address linked to it, you don't have to include that email address in your comment.

Here's all the relevant information, in case you're a planner, unlike me. Or in case you aren't a winner, but still want to attend. You can do that, I'm pretty sure.

Don’t Miss Moms Night Out at MusiKids

MusiKids, the DC area's preeminent music & movement program, will host its first ever Moms Night Out at its Bethesda studio on Thursday, May 6 from 7:30-9:30 p.m. Come sing, socialize and celebrate motherhood with MusiKids staff and other DC-area mothers.

In addition to tasty nibbles and refreshments from Thyme Out, the evening will feature:
  • mini massages from Be You Bi You Spa
  • mothering tips from the Center for Growing Families
  • beginner kitting lessons from Knit Out of the Box
  • andkaraoke to release one’s inner songstress.
Tickets to Moms Night Out are available for $12 by calling 301-215-7946 or e-mailing They can also be purchased for $15 at the door.

MusiKids is located at 4900 Auburn Ave. in Bethesda. For more information, visit

It sounds like a blast. Maybe I'll change my schedule and rig the event to win myself. That's not wrong, is it?

Sorry for all you who read this and don't live in the local area. You're gonna have to get to Bethesda on your own power and/or dollar. I'll see if I can scare up some kind of giveaway that applies to out of state folks some other time. Maybe I'll give away my cat.