Day five of Camp Sweatshop covered a variety of topics.

We discussed the Fourth of July, then made these cool decorations for the upcoming holiday.

We talked about how fireworks work and made some fireworks of our very own.

We explored pollen and how bees help to make the flowers grow, then found all the pollen in flowers, making sure of course to get ample amounts of it on our clothing.

We learned about polymers, courtesy of this stuff I found on the Intertubes. You have totally got to get yourself some of this stuff because the whole family had great fun with it. For The Caterpillar, it was a terrific sensory activity, The KnaveofHearts and I had a lot of fun learning about how this particular polymer unfolds when combined with water, making it fluffy (as opposed to the stuff that you find in disposable diapers)...

and The Dormouse got a lot of exercise trying to make a snowball and throw it.

Which, by the way, was largely unsuccessful.

We also added salt to the bowl and watched as the polymer broke down and the water separated out.

Next up: slugs.

Both girls spent about an hour putting the stuff in their hair and then we had baths, which by this time were absolutely necessary.

Hey! I hardly got any chores done for me today. Maybe next time we will discuss how soap works and study the inner workings of my washing machine, then they can wash my clothes for me.