Are you watching Leverage? Because if you aren't, I may have to seriously reconsider our friendship. The KingofHearts and I happened upon the pilot of this show when it came on and it took us only about five minutes to be hooked.

When I was younger, I used to watch reruns of Mission: Impossible (the good one; not the movie version with creepy Tom Cruise) and not only did I have an eight-year-old's crush on Martin Landau, but I was fascinated by the intrigue and how the story was always just one step ahead of the audience. I'm one of those who always sees the next plot complication coming (and therefore ruins a lot of movies for my husband) so I always love it when something can surprise me.

I loved the movie
The Italian Job, for the same reasons (the intrigue, I mean - Martin Landau was not in The Italian Job, but I remain convinced he could only have improved it). Leverage manages to keep that heist movie spirit, while drawing some pretty fun characters that The KoH and I love, laugh at and root for more and more with each episode. It's my new favorite show and it currently occupies the top of the preferred order list in my DVR scheduler. I don't normally take up space on the web talking about television shows (which is actually in inverse proportion to the amount of time they occupy in my life) but I lost out with Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and I have a vested interest in helping to ensure this one does continue. So if you're not watching, start immediately. Because season two returns July 15th and I cannot wait.

Here's a season one recap: