*Post title taken from a laundromat which existed in the town in which I went to college. It was a bar/laundromat and while your clothes spun in the machines, you could order a drink, play pool, play video games, watch one of several tvs and shoot the breeze with the other spinning drunks. To this day, the most genius entrepreneurial endeavor I've ever seen or heard about.

Honestly, I don't know what parents did to entertain their children before the interweb came around to give them ideas. Both of these things are something I came across on while surfing the information superhighway over the past couple of months. I can't seem to remember where though, so my attributions for credit are lacking today. Here are yesterday's Camp Sweatshop activities.

Take one salad spinner (we got this as a wedding present and I think it got more use yesterday than in the entire previous decade),

Add one paper plate,


Liberally douse with drops of food coloring,

I said, "liberally,"

Replace the top,


And voila
, you have pop art!

Repeat several times and you have some lovely decorations for the hood of your car.

Of course, you also have some very messy hands,

And maybe a faux
black eye or two,

So you will need some form of cleaning up activity. I suggest this one:

Allow that to set for twenty to thirty minutes and voila, you have some wet clothes, but clean hands.

Of course, now you have a lawn full of suds and food coloring.

Professor Google hasn't yet found me an activity to take care of that.