Yesterday was a rare day where Daddy was actually at home for more than five minutes and we made the best of it after church by forcing him outside and away from the television shows he's missed the past two months and into our public bathing tradition. Well, he wasn't bathing publicly, I just want to make that clear. He was supervising. Just in case you were worried.

Sprinkler impersonation by The KingofHearts:

And an attempt by The Dormouse:

Slightly more successful attempt by The Caterpillar:

While they were waiting for the pool to be blown up, I let them draw on their bodies with sidewalk chalk.

The KoH tried to tell them not to do it, but I was all "What? Who cares? They're getting in the pool in two minutes anyway." Because I'm apathetic like that and that's how we roll. So he shrugged his shoulders and we Red John'ed them both.

I know, the eyes are wrong, which you'll notice if you watch The Mentalist at all, but it's hard to write on a moving toddler, y'all! This is the best serial killer impersonation I could attempt.

Bonus video of The Caterpillar trying to splash me:

I found her uncoordinated attempts at splashing me completely hilarious and encouraged her to do it for about fifteen minutes while we laughed at her. Put another dollar in the therapy fund.

Some more summer photos:

An even more coordinated Dormouse

And a very happy Caterpillar