I've made many references to The Screaming (which would make a pretty good title for a Stephen King novel, by the way) over the course of the last few months, but either I don't feel like people understand me or I just feel the need to share my pain. Here's an example of The Caterpillar and her communication techniques. Keep in mind that I'm sitting right in front of her and handing her cheerios in these clips. She's not being ignored in the slightest and is having her needs met, so this is just her normal, everyday run of the mill scream. Keep in mind that when any one of the above things isn't happening, her normal scream increases in pitch, volume, frequency. I'm actually glad I don't have a decibel meter because I'm afraid I'd find out that she's approaching the death of hearing tissue range.

May I present: The Caterpillar and Her Impersonation of a Tea Pot. This is why I've been so hip on teaching her sign language. Because I'm hoping that an alternative method of communication will replace this:

Alas, she just does both now.

Even she's tired of hearing herself scream.