The playground at the Renaissance Festival is set up like a pirate ship and it was difficult to peel The Dormouse off of it. So I spent quite a bit of time observing the kids in their play, which is always fun. The Dormouse was digging a hole with a stick to find buried treasure. Another girl had dubbed herself The Queen and kept referring to herself in third person while hollering at other little girls to do her bidding. And this little boy... even though he wasn't my kid, I felt the need to snap a photo of him because he tickled me so. He was totally and completely serious about his captaining of the ship and kept looking back over his shoulder to bark commands and what I assumed was a younger brother at the wheel - then back to this stance, I can only imagine to look forward into the horizon. I love the look on his face here.

Is it creepy to take pictures of someone else's kid? Oh well, it's not the creepiest thing I've ever done. It's probably not the creepiest thing I've done this week.

If you play around with this in PhotoShop and make it look a little vintage, I swear this could be a still from an old Errol Flynn movie. Doesn't he remind you of Mickey Rooney in Captains Courageous?