A few weeks ago, we headed up to Pennsylvania to be there when our friends blessed their new baby. They have quite the extended family who are all very close, two things KingofHearts and I are somewhat unfamiliar with. So whenever we visit them at a significant family occasion, we always feel a combination of man-I-wish-our-family-was-like-that and wow-I'm-glad-our-family-isn't-like-that.

This weekend, only one of Kristen's four siblings was able to make it so it was a small affair. Even given that, the final count was 9 children and 10 adults in attendance and it's a good thing We outnumbered Them by one, because I think if there was another one on their side that could walk, They just might have mutinied and locked Us all out of the house. There wasn't a moment in 48 hours where there wasn't a flurry of activity, noise from toys, talking, crying, whining, fighting, laughing, singing... sometimes all at the same time.

Except for this one:

At some point, one of the Tall Ones got the genius idea that the kids could use little quiet time and put a video on the television. Suddenly, and with very little adult encouragement, there were seven (two not pictured were too small to care about
The Magic Schoolbus) well-behaved, calm children sitting quietly on the couch. No hair pulling, no toy throwing, no crying, no spitting. Just seven lovely kids, peacefully enjoying the Asimov-like voyage of a yellow schoolbus filled with nerdy kids and their teacher-with-no-social-life through the central nervous system.

I looked at Kristen and blinked in amazement as Kristen blinked back and said: "It kinda makes you believe in television, doesn't it?"

Yes... yes it does.