The whole gibberish and made up words thing is really big in my house right now. Personally, it drives me crazy and I can't even explain why. When she was just learning language, it didn't bother me a bit to hear her go around the house saying "Gee-go, gee-go" 16 hours a day... but now that she's got a certain facility with English, it just pushes my buttons.

It's irrational, I know. I know she's not doing anything wrong... she's just playing with sounds and being silly and there's still language development happening and all of my intellectual brain says, "Do not get on her about this" - and for the record, I do not - but the irrational part of my brain feels like ants are crawling up my spine everytime I ask her what she'd like for dinner and the response is "Poo-pah!"

So I've come to understand that it's my thing and I've kept quiet about it. There, I've admitted it; confession is good for the soul.

This is a game she and KingofHearts developed in the car the other day:

The Dormouse makes up a word and KingofHearts tries to add to it make it into a real word.

She says: ---------- KoH responds with:
"Co-bee" ---------- "Bryant"
"Co-pah" ---------- "Cobana"
"Co-kee" ---------- "Roberts"
"Po-boi" ---------- "Sandwich"
"Keen-ko" ---------- "Mon Soy Sauce" (he was reaching for that one)
"Teen-ker" ---------- "Bell"
"Tah-ko" ---------- "Bell... you're making this too easy, kid."
"Kee-go" ---------- "In the Door"
"Po-lah" ---------- "...... K" (OK, maybe things have devloved a little too much by this time)