Well, it's official.

We are saying goodbye to the green truck known as El Sapito. After a month of hemming and hawing and breeing and braying (I don't know what that means), we have decided that it's not prudent to keep it given:

a) the city planners' allowance of precisely half a car to each house in this neighborhood,
b) the lack of free time KingofHearts will have to get it running again, and
c) the fact that I patently refuse to have a sad looking eyesore that doesn't run sit outside my house on my street for 10 years and have to push it back and forth a foot every two weeks to prove to the local police that it isn't a "disabled vehicle." Anyone reading this know my next door neighbor?

We tried parking it under the other neighbor's dying tree that drops a giant piece of itself in my driveway once a month and hoped and prayed that with all the rain lately, the whole thing would just give up the ghost and fall over onto the truck under its own weight. But as we all know, God is not on my side these days and the truck remains unscathed... so... no more insurance money to bleed out of that turnip.

We have decided to donate it to a worthy cause called: "Let's Get a Big Fat Tax Deduction". Perhaps you have heard of it? Unfortunately, "Let's Get a Big Fat Tax Deduction" has been severely limited in recent years by the IRS, who apparently wait three years to tell you you owe $500 on taxes you filed in 2004 and think they're being efficient. More on that another day.

But shhh... not a word to KingofHearts. I've convinced him that we're sending it off to a farm, where it will have lots of room to run and play with the other trucks and roam in green pastures.

Do you think it knows?

And not a word to my new love, named NotAnSUV. If it knew what I did to El Sapito, it might not like me much.