The other night I decided to get all homemake-y and stuff and actually cook something for dinner that didn't come directly from a box.

Truth be told, KingofHearts started dinner and I offered to take over when the two-foot-tall dictator decided his time would be better served in entertaining her with puzzles and foam stickers. But the point here is... I was making an effort to cook dinner. All hail my wife-y-ness, I can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan, people.

KingofHearts had already started to get out spaghetti and I ran with that brilliant idea. To make it a little more "mmmm gourmet", I threw in some spices because storebought sauces are always a bit bland for our tastes and come on, I'm obviously NOT going to make sauce from scratch... if you're cooking an egg, do you go out and grow a chicken first? I rest my case. Then just for good measure, I opened a can of artichoke hearts, cut them up and put them in the sauce.

We all sat down together at the table for dinner - also something different in our house - and began the feast. After a few bites, I said, "You know? I really like these artichoke hearts in the spaghetti, but I think maybe I could have used half the can... it just seems like there are too many..."

My voice trailed off as my eyes glanced over to KoH's plate and it occurs to me that his does not have a single artichoke heart on it... he has picked all his off and put them on my plate when I wasn't looking.

Mystery solved.