Things I wanted to report were stolen from the truck when it was broken into but didn't:
  • way better stereo system than it really had
  • very expensive boom tube (which actually came with the truck but that we took out years ago to make room for more storage space to carry around worthless crap in the half-cab)
  • 25 CDs valued at $16-20 each (which I actually did report stolen and then later found under the seat)
  • $600 worth of tools (that were in reality ignored for the $100 stereo)
  • original Picasso
  • authentic Stradavarious
  • Mini Cooper which was being towed in the truck bed
  • and the diamonds, don't forget the diamonds!

Yes officer, that's about all that was taken. Now can I have that police report for my insurance company?

Most of all I just wish the whole truck had been stolen outright. That would have made things a lot easier.

P.S. Points to anyone who gets the photo above and it's relevance to this post.