I totally realize what a huge pain in the neck it would be to anyone who has to clean it up. But c'mon, who wouldn't LOVE this? (no pun intended):


If you walked by Love Park early Monday morning, you might have thought it was snowing. It wasn't snow filling the fountain; it was soapsuds...

Huge balls of suds formed and blew all over the park. While this may look comical, not everybody was laughing. "I don't think it's fair to the city or to the tourists who take pictures here at Love Park," said Blayney Stukes, of North Philadelphia.


Are you kidding? We were in Philadelphia last month and stopped at this very fountain. I can truthfully say that any photos we took would have only been enhanced by a fountain full of soapsuds. I'm so disappointed to have missed it.

Anyone up for a mini-reinactment in my daughter's baby pool?