Is it wrong when your nearly-three-year-old says, in repsonse to: "What music would you like to listen to, darling?" says:

"Oingo Boingo!"

"OK hun. Whatever you want."

Proceeds to show IAE (Inappropriate Amount of Enthusiasm) and bounce off the walls and furniture showing two-thumbs-up sign and yelling following:

"Oingo Boingo! Yay!"
"Oingo Boingo! Woo hoo!"
"Oingo Boingo!"
"Yeah! Oingo Boingo!"

Then breaks into crazy break dance/twist/fox trot/cha cha moves when music starts.

That comment about Danny Elfman's babies is starting to make more sense now.

Oh, and incidentally, this is what it looks like when a toddler wants to take your picture while you're dancing.