Most days KingofHearts leaves for work before I do... and lately he's been kind enough to let me sleep through it. He sets his clothes out in the living room the night before and closes the bedroom door while he gets dressed in the living room, allowing me to get that extra 20 minutes... especially on Thursdays because I've been out late at rehearsal the night before and didn't get home until after everyone else went to bed. This morning he left this note for me:


Dormouse learned how to read and write 'book' last night.
These are hers.


Then on several post-it notes stuck to the kitchen table, were different iterations of the word 'book' scrawled by a toddler's hand which, I assume, he's given great guidance in helping her write.

"Aww sweet," says my mom-mind.

"Sure," my cynical-mind retorts, "he wrote a word down last night and repeated it 20 times. So wonder of wonders, she repeats it too. I'm sure she forgot it 15 minutes later. She certainly won't be able to read it today."

Unfortunately, Cynical-Mind runs the show much more often than any other. Just to be mean, after breakfast I wrote down the word 'book' on a different piece of paper in my own handwriting and ask, "What's this word, honey?"



I write her name on a piece of paper. "What's this word?"


I pull out an actual book and find the word 'book' in it. Pointing to it, "What's this word, baby?"


Better take that college fund more seriously, I guess.