The Caterpillar has been featured a lot on this blog lately and there's one good reason for that: she's freakin' hilarious.  Half the time I think the funny things she says just fall out of her mouth because she's a kid, and the other half of the time, I know she's saying it on purpose because she has an awesome sense of humor.  Here's a great example, last Sunday we were sitting in church and the speaker at the pulpit said:

"We should not be like the boy who stuck his foot in the water and claimed he went swimming."

The Caterpillar looked up from her position on the bench and said: "The Dormouse is like the girl who stuck her foot in the toilet and claimed she had a bath."  Then went back to drawing on her pad of paper.

I don't know what she's going to end up doing in life, but I do know that I want to stick a tape recorder in her pocket every morning before she goes to work so I can listen to the conversations she has during the day because I think they would be hella entertaining.

Like everyone in our family, The Caterpillar talks a lot.  But apparently, what goes on inside her brain is even more active than her mouth. Here's a sample of the questions she has asked completely out of nowhere in the past month.  You'd think that many of them seem like they should be part of a larger conversation or in response to something else that was said, but you'd be wrong.

  1. Did they have baby food when Jesus was born?
  2. Is it legal to bring a purse to a wedding?
  3. Can I skip high school? I don't want to go to high school because all of the high school have bullies in them.
  4. I wish I had a coconut so I could drink stuff out of it.
  5. Daddy, why do your feet smell kind of clean?
  6. What number do cats have to be to be big enough?
  7. What is bigger our sun or another star? 
  8. If you go on a bird and fly on it and fly to the sun and touch it would it be hot? 
  9. What if you go on a moon?
  10. Do zombies have eyelashes? 
  11. Why do Koala Bears like to lie?
  12. If you go in Australia, do you have to go upside down?
  13. I drew a picture of President Obama for Presidents' Day, but he looks a lot like Conan O'Brien.  They're pretty much the same, right?.  
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