Actual discussion held in the car this morning:

Caterpillar: "Sister, did you watch the Andrew Jackson cartoon today?"

Dormouse: "Huh?"

Caterpillar: "The Andrew Jackson cartoon.  At school. We watched it after the Pleleegiance."

Me: "You mean the Pledge of Allegiance?"

Caterpillar:  "No.  I mean The Pleleegiance."

Me: "Oooh. The Pleleegiance. Totally different thing."

Dormouse: "I don't know what you're talking about."

Caterpillar: "The. Andrew. Jackson. Cartoon."

Dormouse: "Just because you say it slower, doesn't mean it makes any more sense."

Exasperated Caterpillar: "THE ANDREW JACKSON CARTOON. You know: 'Ouch! That hurts! Yow! That's not fair, giving a guy a shot down there!'"

Dormouse:  "Oooooh I know what you're talking about!  You mean the Interjection cartoon."

Me: "Wait, what? You guys get to watch Schoolhouse Rock cartoons in class?"

Dormouse: "Yes, they're these cartoons that teach grammar and math and..."

Me: "Um excuse me. I know what Schoolhouse Rock is."

Dormouse: "Are you sure?"

Me: "Schoolhouse Rock was around long before you. And I watched them all on television every Saturday morning."

Dormouse: "Yes, but these probably aren't the same as when you were a kid. It goes like this: *sings* So when you're happy..."

Me: "Hurray!"

Dormouse: "or sad..."

Me: "Aw!"

Dormouse:  "or frightened..."

Me: "Eek!"

Dormouse: "or mad..."

Me: "Rats!"

Dormouse:  "or excited..."

Me: "Wow!"

Dormouse: "or glad..."

Me: "Hey! I can ride a bike!"

Dormouse:  " interjection starts a sentence right."

I honestly didn't even know I knew all the words to that song; they just spilled out of my mouth like the Alphabet Song or responses at a Catholic Mass.


...and also with you.