Several months back, we set up the ability to connect the computer to the television and use it as the monitor.  It's kind of a cool idea but mostly a novelty.  The most use this setup gets is when I'm working at home and I set it on two-screen mode, pull up a streaming video on Netflix and toss it onto the TV screen while I actually do my work on my laptop monitor.  Not sure this was the intended purpose.  Or maybe it was.

The only time I really use the TV as a big computer monitor is when I'm doing certain kinds of graphic design work.  It's helpful to have a giant screen so I can blow it up and see the kerning closely or tell if the graphics and whatnot all lines up.  But even then, it's not all that helpful because Boy Cat just sits on the table below the television and tries to catch the cursor as I move the mouse.  And then I'm just yelling "MOVE!" every few minutes because a cat's head is in the way of my text block.

I finally gave up using the TV for this purpose but now he just crawls into my lap to chase the cursor on my laptop monitor. 

If only I could teach him to answer my email.