With twenty-four hours' distance and I'm still sitting in a house with heat, I feel confident in declaring yesterday's GIANT SNOWSTORM a bust. When we woke up, there was a light dusting of snow all over everything and some flakes even fell from the sky for a few hours in the early morning, but then it turned to rain and melted away everything that was there in the first place.  No snowmen, no sledding, no snow taffy, no snow forts, nothing.  The kids did go out for a few minutes around noon and throw slush at each other, but they weren't even outside long enough for my ears to recover from the constant noise of their bickering before one of them came in crying about how her hands were cold, apparently without the ability to self-correct and PUT ON SOME DAMN GLOVES if you're going to pick up handfuls of ice.

Throughout the day, I watched the thin sheet of ice on my windshield slide further and further down the front of my car.  Then about dinner time, we looked out the window and noticed that it wasn't actually melting off, but rather all rolling up at the bottom like a taquito.   And then I shook my fists at the sky and lamented that we all say this is a great country and everything, but I STILL CAN'T GET NACHOS DELIVERED TO MY HOUSE IN THIRTY MINUTES OR LESS SO WHAT'S THE POINT OF ALL THAT FREEDOM?