Get ready for a whole bunch of posts about the National Cathedral because I took a buttload of photos that day.

One of my favorite places in the Cathedral is the Space Window and I always point it out to The Shortlings whenever we're there, who never remember that I said that last time we were there, so it's always new to them.  ("There's a ROCK in there?  From THE MOON? WOW!) Wonder when that little perk of child rearing will end?  

Neil Armstrong's memorial service was held here last September and I like to think he smiled down on it from this corner of the building.

Embedded in the glass in the center is a piece of a moon rock, which was presented at the dedication service of the Cathedral in 1974, on the fifth anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. I'll write a little later about last year's earthquake, which damaged some of the Cathedral's spires.  It's amazing that none of this incredible stained glass was broken that day... amazing and wonderful. Especially because if this piece had broken and that rock had fallen to the ground, how would they tell it from all the other rocks?