On Christmas Day, while out foraging for Chinese food, we stopped by the newest memorial downtown.  Back in August 2011, when the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial was scheduled to open I had taken the day off to go to the ceremony.  Then the whole thing was postponed due to a cranky hurricane and rescheduled for a day when I couldn't get down there.  It's hard for me, the person who used to spend every single weekend on the mall, to believe that it's been more than a year since I had a chance to get back there.  Yeah, I've driven around it a lot of times, but it just never worked out for us to get out of the car and walk through. One time, we were actually IN the parking lot and The Caterpillar was having a meltdown, so we literally "turned this car around" and went home. Every other weekend opportunity has been consumed with chores, shopping, lessons, activities and other events that are part of The Children's busy social calendar and that eclipse my need to be a part of what is happening downtown.

Kids are trouble.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, however, is pretty cool.  Let's not let another year go by before we see each other again, shall we?