Here's another round of random photos left on my hard drive and posted with no continuity whatsoever.  Enjoy the sense of accomplishment I feel from emptying out my photos folder.  

She's helping them fix the fireplace... with all the sass she can muster.

We had some excitement at work recently where they wouldn't let us leave the building and then we got to watch out our office window while a police robot detonated what turned out to be a backpack left in a nearby fast food restaurant.  I've really got to find a new planet to live on.

This photo taken in the bathroom of my gynecologist's office.  Remember, the question is not, why was I taking photos in the bathroom of a gynecologist's office? but rather, how many "incidents" were there before they felt the need to put up this sign?

The Small Child is obsessed with folding pieces of paper in half and cutting out random shapes to see what turns up when she opens it.  A sort of reverse Rohrshach test.  Personally I think she failed this one.

There is not much that skeeves me out more than a kid with an orange smile.  It reminds me of a sock monkey's butt. *shudder*

I wanted to buy this book in the grocery store because Healing, Blessings, Freedom AND MAGIC seems like a fanTASTic combination.

Objects on a recipe blog are more difficult to reproduce than they appear.

When you ask for "whoop cream" in this house, you should be more specific about where you want it.

Just call him Abby. Abby Normal.