Our school has a cute tradition that maybe every area school has but one that I haven't seen before so I'm gonna talk about it here.


During the first week of school, each kid gets a brown paper bag called their "Interest Bag."  Their homework is to fill it with a few things that define them as a person.  Then over the next several days, each kid gets a chance to stand up in front of the classroom, pull things out of their bag and talk about what each thing says about them.  If they like dogs, they can put a toy dog inside, or a picture of their dog.  I suppose it's just a new twist on show and tell, but it's a cool way for the teachers to get to know the kids and for the kids to get to know each other.  Plus, public speaking credits!

The Caterpillar was super excited to share her very first Interest Bag with her new class and couldn't wait to tell us about it when she got home.

"Did you show your Interest Bag at school today?"


"What did you say about yourself?"

"I told them that I like to shoot crossbows and that I play the violin."

"Well, at least people you will know you're our kid."