While driving through Pennsyltucky Southern Pennsylvania, we took a couple of side roads and I randomly cranked the wheel and threw the van off the side of the road whenever we saw something good... or even something mildly interesting.  Who needs Roadside America?  This is how I find things like Foamhenge.  

Perhaps that's why we only made it to Pittsburgh the first day.  The next morning, Monica suggested we get back on the Interstate.  Probably because I was still driving and she wanted to make it to her conference in Chicago before the Mayan calendar ended.  

One such stop was The Coffee Pot.

The Coffee Pot was built in 1927 as a way to entice travelers to stop at the gas station which stood next to it.   Through the years it's been an ice cream place, a restaurant, and a bar.  In 2004, it was moved to its current location and is a small museum now.  Personally, I just want it to be my bedroom.  

Monica might have complained about all the stops we made, but she enjoyed this one.

Perhaps her recent love affair with coffee has finally gone too far.